Trends of design interior 2018

If you thought 2017 was the year of minimalist living, 2018 will be basically the opposite. The ’80s maximalist trend is back in a big way. We’re seeing more decorative elements and more colors and more mixing of patterns to create a purposefully over-decorated look. So, let’s talk about important ones: 1. The interior color […]


How to create Peter Pan’s world for your offspring

Creating an interior design for a child is an important component in a child’s life. It is not just a room. It is a place where a child sleeps, plays, does hobbies and homework, learns the world as a whole. In addition, the child’s psychological condition depends on how he feels in his room. After all, the properly created interior allows the child to develop skills, to feel safe, to enjoy his world and grow in harmony.

So, how to choose the right interior for a child?


Nature – the interior designer

The main task in creating an interior is the choice of color and color combination. With the help of the color, we can play with space, expanding or reducing its boundaries, making it lighter or darker, warmer or cooler. Depending on how we want to feel in the house. After all, our psychological balance and mood directly depends on the color atmosphere. How to correctly combine colors, so that space does not irritate, but brings joy and happiness? This will be discussed in our article.


Color in interior design

Interior design colors are very important for everybody. We understand this part when we try to choose colors for our home. Firstly, we may think it is easy, we choose colors that we love and which we would like to have. Despite this, the result may not be like expectation.

In this article, we would like to explain to you the psychological effects of one color or another and what fits better in order to obtain desired result.


The kitchen of dream or how to make the right choice.

“Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you who you are” author Anselm Briya-Savarin
Today we will talk about the kitchen – the heart of every home. It is a magic place where we prepare a variety of dishes, where all family gathers at the large table and share with each other news of days. Therefore, the kitchen must be functional, ergonomic and comfortable.
In this article, we will help to understand you, what types of kitchens can be and what from them is the best for you.