Choose your style of the interior design

An important issue for beginners to make repairs: “What kind of interior design to choose?” It is very important to find a balance between the future interior and your mental state. In this article, we will tell you about the most relevant styles in the design of our days. We hope that it will help you easily make the right choice in decorating your home of dream.


New trends in interior design and furniture 2017

Our lives are inseparable from fashion. We can see new trends everywhere: choice of clothing and shoes, in the world of beauty and art, food and lifestyle. Decoration of our homes is changing too. New trends replace old ones every year. In consequence, we would like to tell about news in the world of design and furniture in 2017.


One dream for two

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We start blogging which will share Studio news, ideas and the latest trends in the world of interior design and furniture design, as well as just beautiful things.
In our first article we would like to acquaint you with the history of our studio, including the place in which we are located, because it is unique and permeated the history of past years … Let’s start ..