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An important issue for beginners to make repairs: “What kind of interior design to choose?” It is very important to find a balance between the future interior and your inner state. In this article, we will tell you about the most relevant styles in the design of our days. We hope that it will help you easily make the right choice in decorating your home of dream. 

1. CLASSIC STYLE is not afraid of the influence of fashion, due to which it always remains in demand. The classical style means “exemplary”.Features of the classic style:

• Antique furniture, natural stones, luxurious textile and mirrors in frames are necessary details for this style.
• For the floor, we could use parquet. The walls are pasted with wallpaper or upholstered with expensive textile, also panels of wood are used for decoration. Ceilings are covered with paint and decorated with stucco elements.

• For the classic interior, we should use pastel colors: beige, ivory, white. As additional shades, in textiles or wallpaper, there are rich shades of blue, violet, green and red. Also, the classics welcome the abundance of gilding.

  • Furniture is made from valuable wood.
  • Lighting assumes the location of a central chandelier made of crystal or expensive glass, or a gilded chandelier with plafonds with roses or candles. The illumination is supplemented with floor lamps with silk shades and classic sconces.
  •  The windows in the room should be decorated not only with tulle, but also with curtains.
  •  The stucco elements: various baguettes, rosettes, friezes are simply irreplaceable in the classical style.

So, the classical style is the choice of respectable people with an excellent sense of taste. Such an interior is a status and comfort!

2. LOFT is a style of life, a spirit of creativity and freedom, an inexhaustible space for self-expression and a rejection of generally accepted norms. This is the perfect combination of old and new. This style is quite interesting and does not require huge material costs.

Features of the loft style:
• Open plan. Zoning of space is carried out with the help of furniture, partitions, color contrasts and light. Maximum free space!
• Industrial features: brickwork, coarse plaster, concrete, exposed cast iron batteries and pipes, various metal structures.

  • The combination of old and new in the interior. Antique things are “friends” with trendy trends, such as chrome surfaces, modern technology, glass partitions and concrete slabs.
  • Non-standard accessories that “catch” the view: different posters, graffiti, abstractions and even road signs.
  • High light ceilings and huge windows are also a necessary component of loft style. The more light and space there is in such a room, the better. 
  • Second floor is present in rooms with high ceilings, there can be a bedroom or an officeThe loft proves that for a comfortable and cozy living, expensive materials or sophisticated decorations are not absolutely necessary. From simple details, we could create a stylish and cozy atmosphere for life.                      3. ART DECO includes “streamlined” forms of furniture, sculptural compositions of female figures in expressive, almost unnatural poses, and exotic natural materials. And at the same time, his adherents believe that shape and color are more important than the decor, using abstract motives and bright colors. Features of the Art Deco style:   
  • Strict geometry and symmetry. Clear lines, stepped forms, zigzag in combination with streamlined bends.
  • We could use ivory, ebony, coconut, bamboo, shagreen leather, sharkskin, stingray, crocodile, eel and even lizard skins, and metal in combination with glass.
  • They mainly use glossy black, chrome, silver, yellow and red, also cream, beige and green.
  • Elements and accessories: ornaments with oriental, African, Egyptian motifs and abstract, Cubist elements are used. One of the most common – a semicircle, the Egyptian symbol of the sun and the plasticity of the human body. Decorate the interior with animal figures.
  • Textiles. Heavy satin or velvet drapes, the same cushions with fringes and gold threads, fabric lamp shades, table cloths, decorative panels. Very characteristic is a black and white strip on pillows, blankets, or a zebra skin laid on the floor.
  •  In the design of the floor is often used black and white chess pattern. The walls are mostly monophonic, sometimes with a border with a geometric pattern. This style is preferred by those who do not like the simplicity of minimalism and excessive restraint of the classics. With the help of vintage items of interior and individual elements of furniture and decor, the status and financial well-being of the owner of the apartment are favorably emphasized.     

4. PROVENCE is the style in which old traditions of French village houses and inexhaustible beauty of Provencal nature have been intertwined. Lightness, tranquility and coziness await you in a house that will be executed in this style.Features of the Provence style:

  • More light. Large windows down in the floor are installed or windows with decorative moldings, dividing the window glass into sections, they  make up appearance to the French one.
  • Colors. Traditionally are used  pastel colors: white, milky, beige, olive green, the color of lavender, sea waves, ocher, sunflower, terracotta. A combination of pastel blue and gentle yellow flowers is very characteristic.
  • For decor, we could use natural stone or glazed brick. Doors and frames should be with the effect of rubbing and aging. The floors are usually wooden and having some defects “from time”.
  • Also, we should use old furniture of wood and wicker furniture, massive chests and baskets, hanging closets and benches.• Curtains and textiles are used with natural ornaments, with the addition of embroidery and lace. All fabrics should be natural and light colors. Many pillows of different shapes and sizes are welcome.
  • Flowers inhabit the house, decorating every corner of it. Often for flowers could use a completely uncharacteristic capacity (a cup, an old garden watering can, and even a shoe).After studying the subtleties of Provence, you can create a cozy corner of France, filled with sun, sea, the aroma of flowers and spices in your home.                                                     

5. ECLECTIC is an artificial connection of different ideas and styles. Designers try to combine no more than three stylistic types, which are connected by an architectural direction, texture and a single color scheme.Features of the eclectic style:

  •  Different stylistic elements should be combined with color, texture and overall design decision.
  • Designers could use a smooth transition from a gentle hue and bright colors. Small bright accents can be placed somewhere in the background.
  • Furniture. You can not give up the expensive pieces of furniture, the only thing you need to do is to decorate them so that they harmoniously fit into the interior.
  • The abundance of different materials at once in one room, such as metal, wood and even plastic. You can put one carpet on the other, throw a variety of pillows on the sofas, put a wooden chair and a plastic chair next to it, hang a classic landscape on the wall next to the poster of your favorite group.

The floor can be parquet or tile. In addition, you can lay a carpet of modern style or retro.Eclecticism in the interior is the ideal direction for people with free and independent views of the world around us.     

6. SCANDINAVIAN STYLE is light and bright colors, pure, functionality, bordering on simplicity and naturalness.Features of the Scandinavian style:

  • The interior is dominated by pastel colors: beige, light gray, light blue, light green, light brown. But the main color is white.
  • Furniture is practical and functional. They make it from light-colored trees (beech, birch, sometimes pine, spruce). For upholstery, you can use textiles, suede, leather, cotton, linen.
  • The windows should be large, and the curtain light and letting in the sun (can be linen or cotton). The windows are wooden and are usually made to tone the floors.
  • White or beige stucco, light blue and light gray paint is perfect for walls. You can also trim them with wood panels or horizontal light boards. For the floor, there will be an actual parquet board or laminate of light colors.
  •  The Scandinavian interior has a minimum of decorative elements, however, it should be bright and simple. For example, glass vases can beautifully refract and reflect the sun’s rays, and mirrors even more fill the apartment with sunlight and visually increase space.
  •  Another characteristic feature is the placement of photographs on the walls, especially family ones. Wicker baskets and fresh flowers will also add an atmosphere of warmth and coziness to the apartment.
  • Highlights are bright accents. It can be bright pillows, rugs, lampshades, pictures. Use red, pink, blue or green shades. If you want to live in bright and spacious rooms, in an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity – this style is the perfect solution for you.

Dear friends, we hope our article was interesting for you, and thanks to it, it will be much easier for you to decide on the future interior of your house. Also, remember! If you need our advice, call us. We will make your dreams come true.


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