Color in interior design

Interior design colors are very important for everybody. We understand this part when we try to choose colors for our home. Firstly, we may think it is easy, we choose colors that we love and which we would like to have. Despite this, the result may not be like expectation.

In this article, we would like to explain to you the psychological effects of one color or another and what fits better in order to obtain desired result.

You have to remember 3 important tips when choosing your color:

  1. You have to think how much time you will spend in the room and what time of the day, what activates will take place in this room.
  2. You have to see the size of the room. If it is a small place, you need to use brighter colors. They give the filling of larger space and the darker or warm color makes the room smaller.
  3. You have to keep in mind the place of the room toward the sun.

Now we will describe the features of the main 10 colors.


White color

White is the purest color. It is associated with space and serenity. White can energize and improve physical health. It helps to stimulate the work of the organs of sight. However, his reverse side is angry and fast fatigue.

White color will make the room weightless and visually expand the space. It is best to use it where there is not enough light. It will create a feeling of incredible lightness and light.



Gray color

Gray is a noble color, possessing huge possibilities. Suitable for those people who value chic, simplicity and seek peace and harmony. It has a beneficial effect on a sound sleep and helps to completely relax.

Gray is able to visually increase the space and expand the boundaries of the room. It looks very stylish and effective. 



Black color

Black is associated with a bad mood and sadness. However, it is incredibly exquisite and looks very stylish and elegant. With the help of black, you can concentrate on solving internal crises and complex tasks, as well as isolating yourself from external fuss.

Black color in the interior strongly absorbs light, thereby visually distancing the object and reducing the surrounding space. It is best to use it on vertical surfaces, so it will look the most advantageous and exquisite.



Yellow color

Yellow is the color of the sun and fun. That is why it will give cheerfulness and optimism for everyone. It encourages new ideas and helps to make the right decision. Yellow perfectly stimulates mental activity, develops creative inclinations and promotes good digestion, improves memory. Therefore, can use yellow where you need self-organization and concentration. It is best to use it in the form of accessories and furniture.



Orange color

Orange color is life-affirming and invigorating. It is ideal for people who want to be in a good mood, because easily removes stress and irritability. Also, improves the brain’s work and man’s appetite.

Orange will fill the interior with warmth and optimism and will create an atmosphere of friendliness and comfort. Perfectly suitable for the kitchen, dining room, office or children’s room.



Red color

Red is an energetic and cheerful color. Can awaken bright emotions and instantly create a sense of well-being. In addition, red color can improve blood circulation and stimulate the brain. However, do not use it in large quantities in the interior, as it is quite aggressive and some people can lead to fatigue.

The room in red tones will seem smaller and lower, but at the same time, it will look very impressive and stylish. Best red is suitable for rooms where the active life of the family (study, living room, kitchen …)



Pink color

Pink is associated with tenderness, romance and dreaminess. It inspires optimism, relieves negative thoughts and creates a feeling of comfort, protection and tranquility. In addition, it has positively affects the state of the nervous system and immunity, it can relieve headaches.

Interiors in pink color are filled with joy, ease and appeasement. Therefore, it is great for a bedroom and a bathroom.



Purple color

The purple color is mystical, noble and inspiring. It is capable simultaneously to stir up and calm, and to raise own self-estimation. Violet develops intuition and imagination, awakens energy and a thirst for creativity, and helps a person solve some spiritual problems.

However, with purple one should be careful. In large quantities it is negatively affecting the mood, the psyche and can be annoying. It is best to use violet as an accenting hue in the form of accessories and decorating objects.



Blue color

The blue color is fresh and relaxing. It embodies calmness, lightness and depth. Blue releases from negative thoughts, suppresses aggression, relieves fatigue, and improves concentration and attention. However, the excess of blue color can plunge into sadness and have a negative impact on the human psyche.

Blue has the ability to visually increase the space in depth and height, so it is recommended for small rooms.



Green color

Green is the color of wealth and prosperity. It is associated with wildlife, so it calms and relaxes. Green helps in case of negative mental states and some diseases. In addition, this color helps to bring people together, filling them with joy and harmony.

In interior design, it is best to combine green with other colors, for example, with blue, turquoise and yellow. This combination will look perfect in any room.



We hope that after reading this article, it will be easier for you to decide on the color solution for your sweet home. Moreover, if you will have any questions, just call us.

Team of Studio “ARTprojekt”

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