How to create Peter Pan’s world for your offspring

Creating an interior design for a child is an important component in a child’s life. It is not just a room. It is a place where a child sleeps, plays, does hobbies and homework, learns the world as a whole. In addition, the child’s psychological condition depends on how he feels in his room. After all, the properly created interior allows the child to develop skills, to feel safe, to enjoy his world and grow in harmony.

So, how to choose the right interior for a child?

Some advice from our designers with illustrative examples of children’s rooms:

1. Space and air.

Choose compact furniture; do not clutter up the room with an overabundance of things and toys. Learn to correctly prioritize.

2. Colors and accents selected correctly.

The interior of the children’s room should be soothing, but at the same time interesting for the child. Choose pastel colors for the base of the room and add the color in the details.

3.  Natural materials.

Use in the interior wood and natural textiles, such as linen and cotton. Finishing materials and furniture should be environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

4. A place for creativity.

The slate is the dream of any child. You cannot worry about the wallpaper, painted by the child, since he will have a place where to put his ideas. Creative personalities will be able to draw or write poetry, and children with a mathematical mindset build graphics and solve equations.

5. Lighting: natural and artificial.  Use different lighting scenarios: hidden illumination, table lamps, basic lighting. The light should be neutral and soft.

6. Ergonomic furniture.

Choose furniture that corresponds to the age of the child. The bed should always be with a high-quality orthopedic mattress, the table should correspond to the needs of the child and grow up together with him, the chair should be convenient and reliable, and storage places try to dissolve in the interior.


He will tell you the right direction.


Success with the renovation!

Moreover, remember: we are always ready to help you!

The team of “Studio” ARTprojekt “


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