Nature – the interior designer

The main task in creating an interior is the choice of color and color combination. With the help of the color, we can play with space, expanding or reducing its boundaries, making it lighter or darker, warmer or cooler. Depending on how we want to feel in the house. After all, our psychological balance and mood directly depends on the color atmosphere. How to correctly combine colors, so that space does not irritate, but brings joy and happiness? This will be discussed in our article.

In the 19th century, the French artist Eugene Delacroix developed the theory of halftones and was the first to paint a color triangle, the tops of which help designers to correctly combine colors even this days.

Nevertheless, nature was before Delacroix. If we look more closely at the surrounding world, we will see a harmonious combination of colors everywhere: plants, birds, sunsets and dawns, water, fire, mountains, deserts, forests, fields, animals and insects. All the color combinations created by nature are unique and harmonious. In our selection, we will show how they can be integrated into the interior design.

For a better understanding, we distinguish three main types of combinations:

Monochrome is a combination of different shades of the same color. Using this combination in the interior should be done carefully, since in large quantities the use of one color can cause a discomfort. Therefore, for the diversity should be used contrasting accents (vases, paintings, furniture, decor), which will give the interior depth and sophistication.

Analogue is a combination of close colors in the spectrum. When using this type of interior will be filled with peace and tranquility.

Complementary is a combination of opposing colors, based on contrast. This is the most comfortable color for the human eye. In addition, the unity of opposites creates a harmonious interior, which is so necessary for us.

We hope our collection will inspire you to new feats! Look at the world with wide eyes and you will find the answers to all the questions! 😉


Team of Studio “ARTprojekt”



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