New trends in interior design and furniture 2017

Our lives are inseparable from fashion. We can see new trends everywhere: choice of clothing and shoes, in the world of beauty and art, food and lifestyle. Decoration of our homes is changing too. New trends replace old ones every year. In consequence, we would like to tell about news in the world of design and furniture in 2017.

1.Upholstered headboard. Beds with upholstered headboard are absolutely gorgeous! And if you love this look, you are right on track. The head of the bed is very comfortable for relaxing and reading in the bed. Moreover, they give the room a luxurious, soft feel. This trend is sure to hit the spotlight in 2017. So, it’s time to update your boring beds with plush upholstered versions.

2.Texture. This trend has a special place in the interior of this year. Plush, velvet and silk are great choice! They will help to create a unique atmosphere of charm in your home.

3. Cork. The latest trend in natural materials, cork adds a refreshing organic touch to any space when used correctly. 2017 will definitely see a surge in the usage of this quirky trend – we’ll see cork as accent walls, table tops or as a solid cork stool or a side table.

4.Greenery. If you want to relax in your home after a hard day, you should add to interior “green friends”. They will help you fill your home a comfort and warmth. Apart from just adopting a green fern and house plants, you can also add a touch of Greenery to your walls by incorporating this zesty shade into your artwork!

5.Interrupted floor. Tile and wood flooring will no longer be separated by a transitional piece when two rooms or living areas are connected. Instead, these flooring materials will meld into one another, creating an artistic, interrupted flooring pattern.

6.Marble. This trend is the subject of dispute in the interior design of this year. Nevertheless, we think it will continue to dominate in the kitchen, and the wallpaper with this pattern will be popular in 2017. You can enjoy the unique tracery of this material.

7.Pantone has revealed these colors of the year for 2017. It will be cheerful colors of nature.

However, the Green it will be most popular of this year. From lime green to emerald is everywhere in your home, whether it is as a wall color or a room-filling rug. If you are not to keep on this idea of using green a large dose, you can add really fun emerald glasses to your regular white plates and you have got that up-to the minute look.

8.Round tile is a very interesting subject in interior 2017. Designers recommend to use it in the kitchen, bathroom, for finishing the walls and floor.

Overall, the interior will become more sensual and emotional, warm and cozy. We hope, our recommendations will help you make the right choice. And, if you have some questions, we will help you!

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