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We start blogging which will share Studio news, ideas and the latest trends in the world of interior design and furniture design, as well as just beautiful things.

In our first article we would like to acquaint you with the history of our studio, including the location of our place because it is unique and permeated the history of past years … Let’s start ..

With almost a decade of experience in the area of furniture design, we decided to take a chance and start our own business. We began the work on the creation of the design studio in 2013. There was one desired location we had on our mind for a long time that has just been put up for auction. However, there were other people, as well, interested in getting it. The fight was not easy. The emotions and the excitement were so strong that when the auctioneer pounded his gavel and announced that the tablet with our number won, we did not even realize that it is us, the first few seconds! Then the happiness wave covered us. We were full of enthusiasm and energy to make all our dreams come true. It remained to solve a couple of legal issues and bring the place to the proper condition. Believe me, it was a long shot … Unfortunately, the room was in poor form: mud, rats, dilapidated inside, old wiring, no bathrooms, yard entrance, all that does not fit our ideas. Nevertheless, the rich history of the building gave us the power to fix it.

The building where our studio is, has been built back in 1735 as an educational building of the Dominican monastery. At various times it housed Dominican School, Dominican High School, and provincial men’s classical gymnasium. Next to the building was a Dominican church, built in 1632 and our room, served as a corridor for the passage of the monks in the church service. The Dominican Church was one of the most beautiful in Grodno, but in the XIXth century around 1870, on the orders of Russian authorities, the charch was demolished in order to panish the city because the students were believed to have part in the 1863 uprising. A square replaced the building perimeter which in the 50th of XXth century ended up hosting  a monument to Stalin. More than one generation of Grodno born and raised people conveys the legend of how the sculpture was removed in the early 60s. In addition in 1973 a bronze bust of Marshal Vasyli Sokolovsky has already appeared which we can witness to this day.

We got the premises in a poor state but along with it – such a rich history, so we set to work. We made a separate entrance from the Soviet street, so to restore the “historical justice” by returning to the original purpose of the window placement as a front door. Also we removed the plaster from the walls to the brickwork of that time, we wanted to emphasize the forgotten history of the premises. Now people often come to see the old times in its new life. After all it is always very nice to feel a little touch of history. It took a total of 9 months to prepare all the documents, solving legal issues and redecoration work. We can consider this our offspring!

Studio “ARTprojekt” opened its doors at the beginning of 2014. The name was not chosen by chance because it could not be a better description of the scope of our activities: ART – creativity, projekt -design, in other words, the creative design studio. After the opening, we began to develop in the area of interior design, as well for the excellent result in the interior design is obtained only when the furniture is well-designed and all the details, well known to us over the years of experience, are taken into account.

Throughout the time, Studio “ARTprojekt” creates a unique and cozy interior, as well as functional models of furniture for a happy and comfortable life in your home.


Aleksandra & Natallia

(The founders of the Studio “ARTprojekt”)

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